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Upcoming Projects/Appearances

I'm honoured to announce that I will be acting as Theatre Deli's Guest Curator alongside Jane Gauntlett from February 2020-2021!

Keynote Speaker at Knowbotiq: thulhu thu thu, before the sun harms you

I'm honoured to be the keynote speaker at thulhu thu thu, before the sun harms you, a series of movements hosted by Timespan considering the necropolitical landscape of the Flow Country, an ostensibly natural territory composed from a subterranean molecular system which circulates decay and energy across geological epochs.

31 February, Timespan, Helmsdale Scottish Highlands

From Feb - April 2020 I will be based in Accra, Ghana for my PhD research into Intimate Ecologies. 


New Work Commission: Other Futures Festival, Amsterdam

I will be installing a new work at Other Futures Festival, a multidisciplinary festival of speculative fiction from all over the world. The second edition in April 2020 will focus on the relation between humans and non-humans and the question how to create multispecies communities.

April 10-12, Amsterdam


Science Fiction As Activism: Speculative Writing Course

As part of Free Word's Finding Power Season, I'm delighted to be leading an eight week science fiction writing course from April - June 2020. Course dates released soon, available on a sliding scale - watch this space!

April - June, Free Word, London

Lead Artist: Myco-Lective with Feral Practice & Chisenhale Studios 

Myco-Lective takes its inspiration from human & nonhuman models of

education and mutual aid, especially the mycorrhizal networks of the forest, where established trees share nourishment with shaded neighbours via under-soil webs of fungal mycelium. Working with 6 artists selected through an open call, the curator & lead artist will lead the development of new ideas & skills, while actively nurturing the

increasing autonomy & collectivity of participants over a 12 month period.

May 2020-2021, London

Queer Ecologies

Three interlinked artist residencies led by Linden Katherine McMahon, Hari Byles and Ama Josephine Budge at Bethnal Green Nature Reserve will explore queer ecologies. Through a series of events, collaborations and new writing, we will creatively engage with the queerness of nature, paying particular attention to how queer people can connect and collaborate with non-human beings to create new stories and new futures. 

May - September, The Nature Reserve, Bethnal Green 

Nottingham Contemporary: Listening As Critique

The third instalment of the symposia series Sonic Continuum, Nottingham Contemporary's long-term research strand investigating practices of world-making through sound and social architectures of time.

26-28 June, Nottingham Contemporary

Previous Projects:
Apocalypse Reading Room launches at Free Word, 2019
The Apocalypse Reading Room will be an on-site library from writer and pleasure activist Ama Josephine Budge, who will also lead in-conversation events exploring alternatively gendered and ungendered worlds. Part of Free Words new Season: All the Ways that we could Grow.
Co-convening 'The Art of Not Doing Conference: on Rest, Resistance & Pleasure Activism'
In a culture that valorises busyness, productivity, pace and “progress”, stillness can be radical. Refusing, ignoring, omitting, not doing; sometimes the most political actions look like doing nothing at all. But who gets to not do? When and how is not doing a politicised, racialised, privileged, resistant or utopian act?
Birkbeck University, Oct 17th 2019.
Casco Art Institute Commission
I'm delighted to announce that I have been commissioned as one of four solo artists, to produce a new work for the Casco Art Institute Fall Exhibition Programme, in conjunction with Uitfeest in Utrecht, Netherlands from 14 Sept - 3 Nov, 2019. Other works will be presented by Babi Badalov, Ansuya Blom and Mire Lee. 

"Her prose is lush as the soft insides of a husky nut shaken from the topmost branch, lush as that first millisecond after sex. She's a new force in genre fiction. I'm excited to see what she brings us next."  

Sara Saab, writer of poetry & strange fiction

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Ama is usually based in London, UK.

Ama Josephine Budge's A Shoal of Lovers Leads me Home is aheady, hopeful sensorium" 

- Michael Matheson, Anathema: Spec from the Margins

“Ama is exactly the kind of young writer we need, innovative, daring, fantastical and delicious, the UK’s N.K Jemisin meets Tomi Adeyemi.” 

- Tosin Coker, The Mouth of Babes

Upcoming Publications

Ama Josephine Budge in conversation with Angela Chan (in) Science Fiction Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press

Series: Documents of Contemporary Art

(pub. Feb 2020)


Imaging an Assisted Evolution: The environmental futurity of Zanele Muholi’s Somnyama Ngonyama

Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies

Issue: Curatorial Care (pub. 2020)

Speculative Fabulations: Beneath Yaba's Garden

Feminist Review

Issue: Archives (pub. 2020)

“Eugenics – Population Control.” (in) Informatics of Domination

ed. Jennifer Rhee, Zach Blas, Melody Jue, Duke University Press (pub. 2021)

Read my latest writing Online:
Well Hung: reflections on Gray Wielebinski’s "Shaved in Opposite Directions"
I walk into b.Dewitt’s pop-up gallery at 59 Hackney Road and am immediately engulfed by colours and textures: faux fur and leather, denim, defiant monochrome, and platinum blonde shaved afros...
Full article available online here..
Consented Issue 9: Environment
This magazine features 100 pages of art and illustration with three sections; Decolonising Environmentalism, Not So Green Capitalism & Towards Environmental Salvation. Featuring my latest story, Watching the Channel.
Purchase the magazine here... 
A Shoal of Lovers Leads Me Home, (fiction)
The ocean was a toxic enemy, but this was Kwakua’s special place. Near enough to the ruins that the familiar taint of old blood plucked at her, yet far enough away so as not to harm the life that grew inside...
Read the whole story free online here..